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Phone Service Available

For those of you who still would like a landline and have Internet from us or others we are a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) phone company as well as an Internet company. We are just like the phone company, we can transfer your number (for a $10 fee) so you can keep your number. We have a one time $50 activation fee which covers the box we put in your house.

Once in our prices are far lower than the phone company.

200 minutes a month:
Pre-paid 9.99 a month, post paid $12.99 a month

2000 minutes a month:
Prepaid $19.95 a month, post paid $21.95 a month

Business Cloud Based PBX 2000 a month plan:
$25/month for each phone which includes the phone lease and one phone number. This is a great system where you can have business phones at home and work on the same system with all the features included. One of our customers had a $750/month phone bill, now it's $125/month on our system.

Taxes do apply but it's only the minimal true taxes, not a bunch of invented fees like the phone company has.

Long distance is included for USA and Canada.

Call today and add this service to your Internet and save a bunch on your phone service!