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The Deception of Big Corporate Internet

I find myself yelling at TV commercials more than I used to. The small print of Spectrum's $29.99 intro offer, right there at the bottom of the screen only readable if you have a 70" TV means if you buy nearly $100 in bundled services.

The huge Unlimited sign of Verizon when it's not unlimited at all, plus it's throttled for video which they fail to mention but they do now offer a $40/month plan where video speeds are the lowest resolution possible. CenturyLink experimenting in local markets by charging per bit when they used to be unlimited. My favorite charge on their bill is for a 'Regulatory Charge', their actually charging you for their lobbyist to work against your by getting the government to allow for more fees on their bill like the 'Federal Access Charge' which is nothing more than a rate increase, it doesn't go to any agency.

I mean I get it, those opposing me say it's responsible network management to punish those who run video servers at home, high resolution camera systems, and others who will use every bit of bandwidth they can while the rest of you only ask for 5-10mbps so you can watch Netflix.

Much like never changing our prices or adding fees I think our customers just like consistency in business practices, not a moving target of 'what new charge will I have to endure this month' or 'I didn't know I had to bundles to get that price'.

It's like the lottery not really giving you what you won but an annuity, heck even America's Got Talent (TV Show) pays out over 40 years or $25K per year. Nice to win but shouldn't people pay what they promoted and promised? We just feel that's dishonest which is why when we say we're $59 a month that's what you'll pay, heck customers who signed up for our lowest plan in 2001 are still paying that today. Who does that? Us!

Stay local my friends, we don't sit around all day thinking of how we'll get more money out of you in order for you to keep getting dependable Internet service.

Thank you for being our customers,
Forbes Mercy
President - Washington Broadband, Inc.