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Lookout Point Tower Complete

In a bold and expensive move we have finished a year long effort to build an 80 foot tower on the end of Lookout Point. One of our more expensive projects it changes the focus of growth from rural to urban.

It serves Selah and Yakima cities with clean views of nearly 30,000 potential customers. We always stayed away from Spectrum but those customers are now our #1 request for service due to the ever rapidly rising prices they put on their customers.

We will offer higher bandwidth at a lower cost than our published plans due to the higher density and less travel times for our trucks. As anyone knows in our system we have never raised prices, that and being local is a very good draw for people who are tired of national chains that ignore their customers.

These radios are the latest radios and they cost quite a bit more but we feel will provide a service with no drop-outs. We are spending much of the summer changing out to these new radios on Cowiche Mountain as well.

We look forward to putting these new radios to the test! Give us a call and lets see if you can see us (trees are still not our friends for service even though we love trees!)

Thank you,
Forbes Mercy
President - Washington Broadband, Inc.