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Construction Update week of 4/28

Hello Customers!

We now have two new generation access points on Cowiche Mountain and are installing two more this weekend. After this we will be updating radios of customers to those radios starting with Premium, Ultra, and Elite in that order. It will take a few weeks but those high usage accounts will see a significant change. Once complete we will likely raise the amount of bandwidth for those plans. Throughout the summer we will continue to cycle out all radios to the newer generation radios and changing out many customer radios that are older and less capable.

We have changed out Access Points on Elephant mountain mostly because of an unethical competitor who tries to purposely interfere. Speeds should be improving right away on that tower. We will continue to change other towers to the newer technology radios before fall.

Make sure to gaze up to the end of the hill this week while we erect our new 80 foot tower. This will serve in Yakima and Selah along with Terrace Heights with our fastest speeds yet. It will be fully in service before the end of May. We haven't gone after Charter or the phone company head to head before but they've made it pretty easy with their inconsistent pricing and numerous outages.

We will have many more changes over the next few months so stay tuned!

Thank you,
Forbes Mercy
President - Washington Broadband, Inc.