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Rolling Back Internet Laws Good for Business

Wow between the media and large Internet providers there is almost ZERO accurate information out there. As you may be aware I have advocated for half a decade directly to the names you hear on the news from Ajit Pai at the FCC to the leadership in the Congress. I want to quickly cover a few points on recent news stories:

1) Internet Privacy - According to late night shows laws were revoked that kept Internet Providers from selling and tracking your "browser history". This is bogus, yes the law was made so the Internet companies couldn't track what you do but the very first stop you make is Google who not only tracks but sells every bit of information they can. The certainly aren't rich at Google because you use their search engine, they monetize it. I'm sure the big providers will happily track what you do but rest assured Washington Broadband has no intention to ever track what you do. Getting rid of this law releases us from huge fines and lawsuits we could have been subject to for not doing things like file huge reports to the FCC that we didn't have to do before.

2) Net Neutrality - Ending this isn't our favorite thing because we know the larger providers will prey on the smaller providers. If you think Net Neutrality was doing anything positive I can assure you the major providers were already prioritizing traffic and collecting fees from content providers which was in clear violation but it wasn't enforced. The threat was the FCC would only go after small providers because we can't afford to fight it.

Making the Internet a utility was an over reach of public authority. The argument made is weak that we use the public right-of-way like power and water but we don't. The Internet grew despite government, we'd like to keep it that way just like your business wouldn't work better with more regulation simply to regulate.

Thank you,
Forbes Mercy
President - Washington Broadband, Inc.